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We’re driven by community ownership.

GoodRoots is a new rent-to-own housing platform that lets renters build fractional home equity while providing above-market returns for real estate investors.

Our Values

Community First
We believe great real estate ownership means investing in strong and resilient communities.
Real estate ownership should be fair and transparent for everyone involved.
Share Success
Our unique rent-to-own model means everyone is aligned to keep homes in good condition, and everyone shares in the wealth-building opportunities of homeownership.
A word from our Founder

"Our mission is to unlock access to housing equity for all."

We believe the GoodRoots rent-to-own model creates a better path to homeownership for renters at a fraction of the cost, especially in high-cost housing markets where too many families can't afford a down payment.

Today, over 44 million U.S. households are locked out of the wealth-building benefits of homeownership. GoodRoots is revolutionizing the rental market so they can all put down roots and grow with their communities.
Clint McCoy, CFA
How it works

GoodRoots is the first real estate platform

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